Wie sehen Silikon-Finger

Silikon-Prothese – individuell abgestimmt bis ins Detail Eine Prothese soll Sie in erster Linie dabei unterstützen, die Funktionen Ihrer Hand auch nach einer Amputation weiter möglichst vollständig nutzen zu können. Mit Silikon lassen sich Form [...]

Wie bekomme ich eine Silikon-Prothese?

Wie die Hand-oder Fingerprothese verordnet wird  An der Verordnung einer Prothese sind Ihr behandelnder Arzt, Ihr frei ausgewählter Orthopädie-Techniker und der Kostenträger – in der Regel die gesetzlichen Krankenkassen oder Berufsgenossenschaften – beteiligt. Sprechen [...]

Custom Silicone Service

A custom silicone service is available from Steeper. Each item is sculpted by hand to meet individual requirements and ensure a very realistic appearance. Steeper uses Spectromatch, a unique system which electronically measures skin [...]

Martin Bionics Innovations.

Transtibial and Symes Transformed Rigid sockets are uncomfortable – so we fixed them. The ultra-comfortable Socket-less Socket™ ICON BK™ is now available for Transtibial and Symes users. Below the knee sockets no longer have to [...]

Adult Scoliosis

Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, is a condition many people associate only with adolescents. But adults can have scoliosis as well. Adult scoliosis is defined as abnormal curvature of the spine in a [...]

A Future in Bioengineering

A growing field awaits for those who enjoy mixing engineering with a love of medicine or science. Bioengineering is as broad as its name implies but there are areas that are on the rise [...]

Finding the best foot for you

People with lower-limb loss sometimes need a prosthetic leg system with a knee (if they are above-knee amputees) or not, if they are below-knee amputees. Most use liners, and many also use sleeves to [...]


To ensure the most accurate and comfortable fit, the Active Leg prosthetic concept uses structural sheet metal with programmable deformation zones and an internal layer for pressure and temperature measurements. Sound a little complicated? [...]


The Impetus leg prosthetic gives sports-minded amputees not only the capability to play sports again, but to boost their confidence while doing so. 3D printed sections on the design can be interchanged and created precisely for [...]
Patients with diabetes who have undergone partial foot amputation are likely to be those most vulnerable to reulceration. Footwear, foot orthoses, partial foot prostheses, and ankle foot orthoses can help reduce that risk while [...]

Partial foot silicone prosthesis

partial foot silicone prosthesis Partial foot amputationscan be a result of disease (such as diabetes and other related vascular/circulatory conditions), trauma, infection, tumors (cancer) or congenital abnormalities of the front part of the foot. [...]

Partial Foot and SAFoot

Partial feet solutions encompass two designs depending on the level of amputation: Partial Foot – The Slipper style design, with trim lines around the ankle, typically for mid metatarsal and further distal amputation levels. [...]

Partial Foot Prostheses

Custom silicone partial foot prostheses restore patient anatomy, can improve patient comfort, and help reduce skin friction by virtue of an intimate fit based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Why choose our custom design? [...]

Partial Foot Prosthesis

Prosthesis restores normal foot bio-mechanics and properly transfers energy from a rigid lever arm to a two-stage progressive resistance carbon footplate. The Partial Foot Prosthesis is lightweight, durable, custom made from a cast and [...]

KLIPPA, Prosthetic Leg for Rock Climbers

Klippa, Prosthetic Leg for Rock Climbers What It Does Inspired by mountain goats’ exceptional climbing ability, KLIPPA is a prosthetic leg designed specifically for amputee rock climbers. Its unique features allow amputees to climb [...]

Robotic Limbs Get a Sense of Touch

Modular prosthetic limb image courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, via DARPA. Advanced prosthetics have for the past few years begun tapping into brain signals to provide amputees with impressive new levels [...]


HDT has built many of these advanced prosthetic arms, developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the premier U.S. agency in funding barrier-breaking advanced technologies. For DARPA’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program, HDT created [...]